Viva Llael Resistance!

A Hollow Fort

Session 8

Picking up wear we left off, the group was assaulted in the darkest hours before dawn, by their own ‘jacks. It was quickly ascertained that they had been possessed by Machine Wraiths and proper measures were taken where they could be. Sabina, forced the wraith from Johnny with the power of her bond, allowing Seastnan and Lay’fon, to take it out. Having no way to oust the wraith possessing Axe, Alexander put a few large caliber holes in him until he went down. Sabina’s reconstruction of the two ’jacks took less than a minute to replace their damaged armor, but Axe still needs some time in the garage to repair his crippled systems to full working order.

The next few days went by fairly uneventfully, though at night strange lights and noises could be seen and heard deep in the forest. Arriving at Fort Rhyder, the group found an empty shell of a keep. There were obvious signs of battle, though no bodies were found. With no evidence that the boy and his mother weren’t killed, they picked up a trail of wagons heading north into the forest.

Several days later, the group caught up to the marauders. A Cryxian unit of thralls, being lead by a Satyxis. Lay’fon snuck into camp later that night to ascertain the strength of the force, and to see if the Peabody family were still alive. He found young Travis Peabody, locked in an iron cage with his mother and several other barely alive people. The second wagon in the group was piled high with the bodies of multiple nations and races. After a very thorough search of the camp, Lay’fon was able to find the leader, strung up in a tree tent 30’ above the forest floor.

Heading back to the rest of the group and informing them of the situation lead to an hours long discussion about what to do next.



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