Viva Llael Resistance!


Wrapping up Session 6

The aftermath of the attack is almost crippling. You are all reminded of the war as the screams of civilian casualties intermingle with the shouts of those trying to help. The Khadoran squad is doing their best to assist in any way they can though only the Korporal seems to have any medical training. The Captain is busy at the front of the ship overseeing damage to the hull, it seems the ship ran aground of a sandbar in the middle of the river. The ships mariner is hoisted overboard to begin clearing away the sand.

About and hour after the battle, shouts can be heard on the top deck. As you move to investigate you hear the unmistakable sound of flesh smacking flesh followed by the sound of a body hitting the deck. When you reach the site of the commotion you see the Korporal squatting over the limp body of a well dressed man. She is wearing a leather apron and a well stocked tool belt, beside her is a field medical kit. She seems to be working on something with a small screwdriver and wrench inside the mans face. Just as you are about to question her, she gives a satisfied grunt and pops a mechanikal eye out of the bruised face. She turns to Sabina, tosses and tosses the eye to her.

“He will live, ’tanks to us fighting. Is good of ’im to give what he can to make protectors whole.”

The gentleman is out cold, though he doesn’t seem to be in any immediate danger of his life. He has a bandaged arm and leg, and his good eye is developing a pretty nasty bruise though. The swelling is going to take some time to go down before he will be able to see out of it.

“If you have no one to install, I can do, jus’ let me know.”

She then picks up her med kit and proceeds to the next casualty.


As things are under way I do what i can to help with the injured. If I’m not much help then I’ll see what i can do to get the boat moving again. As long as someone is with sestinan(think thats how you spell it)


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