Viva Llael Resistance!

Corvis or Bust

Session 10

As the embattered members of the team head back towards Corvis, they encountered a couple of unlikely travelers. Beset on all sides by Cryxian undead, the two surely would have perished had the Llaelese companions not stumbled onto them when they did.

After dispatching with the undead, it was learned that the travelers were infact in search of the group. Sent by Major Peabody to locate the group, and inquire as to the extended length of time it was taking them to secure his wife and son. After agreeing to travel together the, now larger group, headed back to Corvis.

Ambassador Peabody did not take the news lightly, of his families death, or of the Cryxians traveling, seemingly at will, about the Thornwood. There was a large funeral, followed by a feast in their honor. Speeches were given, for both Peabody‚Äôs families, and the brave fallen of Llael. At this feast, Lay’fon presented the preserved skull of the fallen Satyxis leader. He graciously accepted the trophy, and promised a suitable prize for the gift.



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