Viva Llael Resistance!

Cryxian Battlegroup

Session 9

The group decided to attempt a late night jail break. All was going well, until one of the captives tripped on his way out of the wagon and alerted the Cryxians. It was a hard fought battle, the group managed to take down each and every member of the foul band, including the Satyxis leader.

The battle was not without it’s cost though, neither Travis Peabody or his mother survived the fight. Two of the brave Llaelese heroes also fell, in the brave rescue attempt.

Before succumbing to the poison brave Kahny injected her with, the Satyxis managed to cave in his skull with a headbutt that could’ve put down a ’jack. To make matters worse, she stole a bit of his life force as he lay there on the ground, condemning him to death, while prolonging her short life.

Another casualty of the fight, Seastnan will be remembered as a brave trollkin, who despite his massive injuries and weak body, still took on a brute thrall toe to toe. He gave as good as he got, but unfortunately his body, still healing from a previous fight, wasn’t up for the challenge. The brave Trollkin bled out on the battlefield as his companions fought off the evil Cryx.

A full battlegroup of the Cryxian army has been destroyed thanks to the actions of this small band of Llaelese fighters, though many questions are left unanswered.



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