Viva Llael Resistance!

Leaving Elsingburg

Session 5

With the groups leads all going dry, they began talking about what to do next. A letter arrived addressed to “the Nanny” the very next day. It was coded message using a fairly common Resistance cipher, after decoding it simply stated The Mancario Estate, and was signed with Rowan De’Dyvarc and Sabina Tryvaasi’s passcode.

The group spent three days preparing for the trip and headed out. Using their Khadoran Military covers they decided to travel the main road for expediences sake.

Passing patrols daily, their alias’ proved worthy and they were not accosted by the Khadorans once. On the 6th day of travel though, the did run afoul of a Satyxis raiding party. Within a few moments the raider realized she was on the losing side of this battle and attempted to run. She was caught, trussed up, and then tortured to death as the group watched Axe relieve her of her feet, hands, teeth, tongue, horns, and finally her eyes.

The group arrived at the estate just 11 days after receiving the summons.


Damn straight

Leaving Elsingburg

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