Viva Llael Resistance!

Rolling down the River

Session 6

The group arrived at the Mancario Estate just 7 days after leaving Elsinburg. They met with Rowan, and she explained why she had to leave Elsinburg so quickly upon arival, and why she called them here.

The mission is to take a riverboat down to Corvis and escort Ambassador Peabody, back to the Mancario Estate. Their fare has been covered for them and their ’jacks, and they received new identities and traveling papers.

The two day travel to Merywyn was uneventful and they embarked on the trip with no hangups. Once aboard the Cygnaran Queen, they met a group of Khadorans who seemed strangely friendly, as well as many other folks. Kahny damn near cleared out the gambling hall, and the others were enjoying themselves. On the 4th night out, the ship was attacked.

A gatorman party assaulted the ship, through the brave efforts of the PCs, the group of Khadorans, and the crew the gatormen were chased back into the swamps, but not before killing many passengers and crew, and making off with bags of loot.

Seastnan was grievously wounded during the assault, and lost his remaining eye.



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