Viva Llael Resistance!

The Ambassador's Son

Session 7

The battle with the gatormen behind them, the riverboat continued down the Black River. The next scheduled stop, an unnamed village on the east bank. The village though, had already been visited recently, it was burned to the ground and still smoldering. Not only were there no survivors, but there were no bodies either. Leading the group to believe it was hit by a Cryxian group to gather parts for their necromantic army.

After the Kommander of the Khadoran team convinced the Captain to stop, both the PCs and the Khadorans took a look around. The PCs found a mostly intact laborjack that they brought back to the boat. Immediately upon their return, the riverboat continued it’s journey to Corvis.

Upon meeting Major Peabody, he informed them of the kidnapping of his son and wife. Asking the PCs to please retrieve them. A little bit of information gathering and the purchase of new equipment had the PCs heading into the Thornwood in search of the missing family members.

Along the road, they were attacked by a band of trollkin. The battle was intense and spooked some of the horses. Seastnan overturned a wagon onto himself, and is again bleeding internally. A litter was constructed, and the party moved on. We ended the session as the PCs were bedding down for the night just off the road.



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