Kapitan Gregori

A large man in his 50s, he carries a mechanikal club and wears his beard long.


A healthy man in his 50s, Gregori is always seen outside his house in full Khadoran Infantry Armor, Tchort by his side. His hair and beard have gone gray, but he still looks fully capable of wielding the mechanikal club at his side.

Killed by the PCs


Kapitan Gregori is a large Umbrean man in his 50s. By all rights he should have been drummed out of the military by now, his methods are brutal even by Khadoran standards, but his Warcaster abilities keep him useful. He has been busted down to Lieutenant so many times even he has lost count. Last year when he made Kapitan again he was assigned the North Garrison in Elsinburg. It’s mostly an administrative position and it’s killing him. It didn’t take him long to start his own side job.

A bigot to the core, he doesn’t like the Ryn. For the last few months he has been running a protection racket on all the Rynnish business owners in the north end of town. Two business owners have already been put to death, charged and convicted of sedition. He carried out the punishment right after he leveled the charges and handed out their conviction, in the street, when they couldn’t pay him. His favorite method of execution is Tchort, his Juggernaut warjack.

Gregori keeps himself comfortable in a large house in the north end. It’s about a 20 minute walk from the barracks. The Master bedroom is situated at the back of the house and his ‘Jack, Tchort, is kept in the garage behind the house, well within his control area. He walks to work in the mornings, accompanied by Tchort. In the afternoons he makes his rounds of the small businesses, sometimes accompanied by a squad of Man o’ Wars.

Kapitan Gregori

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