Lay'fon "Wraith" Laflur

A tall man standing over six foot he carries two mage lock pistols and dressd in mainly black


Tall human with shoulder length blonde hair but with sad souless eyes like every where he looks is a thousand yard stare. Weilding two dual mage lock pistols you will notice one is larger than the other most likely a hand cannon and what a weapon it is.


There are few who deny at what i do I am the best and my talents are renound far and wide…but let me back up real quick.
My name is Lay’fon Laflur I am a decorated member of the Order Of The Amethyst Rose….well I was before the war broke out.
That’s when I started working for warcaster and his wife by the name of De’dyvarc.
This is when i met a beautiful woman named Sabina.she was watching over the De’dyvarc kid who by the looks of her can handle herself but that’s not my business.
After awhile I was told by De’dyvarc that he his wife and even the kid were going out to fight on the front lines and i told him i would follow but once there I was told that my talents as a gunmage were needed eslewhere .
As i arrived on the battlefield what i witnessed was unspeakable people …body’s laying everywhere….my brothers…..sisters of the order strewn about I headed into the closest fight I could find enraged at the sight of my fallen brothers. Casting to the point of exhaustion the enemy over powered us and left me for dead. Weary and near death I stragled along into Laedry having to sneak my way into town for fear of being caught. As I pondered my defeat and how i couldn’t avenge my fallen commrads in what I’m guessing they call a pub these days I was approached by same ….how can i put this…..shady people they talked me into learning their ways of casting so i could hide and steal what i needed to survive. Its at this point i realized if I mixed what these men have taught me with the casting I’ve learned over years with the Amethyst Rose I didn’t have to sneak and steal I could take what i wanted and dispose of anyone who stould in my way and what better way than to start with the khadorans guarding this gold shipment. I guess I made a name for myself because the resistance against those shit filled khadorans has asked me to join up with them and I have no problem with that. As a year or so went by I was asked to join up with some others for a mission behind enemy lines and to my surprise the De,dyvarc girl and Sabina were there assigned to the same mission. The others….a gobber a big ol trolkin and a sniper will be coming with us.I’m praying for success and that I may have to power to kill several khadorans along the way but we’ll just have to see what happens.

Lay'fon "Wraith" Laflur

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