Major Travis Peabody, Ambassador

An older, yet hardy, gentleman greets you, his dark hair is going to grey, and his close cropped beard is more salt than pepper.


Ambassador Peabody dresses in impeccable fashion. His clothes are obviously tailored, and the small sword on his hip is obviously ornamental. He is gracious when speaking, and seems a very nice, friendly sort.

When geared up for travel, his true mettle shines through. Though his Stormknight armor is well kept, it has obviously seen battle, and there is nothing ornamental about the Stormglaive he carries over his shoulder.


Ambassador Peabody is a Cygnaran by birth, but both of his parents were Llaelese immigrants. They left before the death of Llael’s last king, seeking better business opportunities in Cygnar. Both from wealthy families, they had no problem integrating into Cygnaran high society.

Travis, born with a love of the martial arts, joined the Cygnaran military as soon as he was able. His parents were able to get him a commission with their contacts, and he rose quickly through the ranks. His eyes always set on becoming a Stormblade. When he earned his Captaincy, he was also given his chance. He took to Stormblade training easily, as if he was born to it. He earned Major during the Llaelese invasion, turning even losing battles into small victories, but setting traps for oncoming enemies, or securing civilians before the tide of battle swept them to their death.

Since the official cease fire, he has been working between Rhydden and Corvis, trying to secure a treaty between Cygnar, Rhul, and Llael, to push the Khadorans out of the Thornwood and Llael.

Major Travis Peabody, Ambassador

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