Rowan "Devushka" De'Dyvarc

A small woman, forced to grow up too early. She wears a very expensive coat, and carries two ornate swords on her belt.


Rowan is a small woman, not even 20 yet, she moves with a dancer’s grace. Her hair is braided up and kept out of the way. Her coat, though well made also serves a purpose as armor and carries the symbol of a blue dragon, the mark of house Dyvarc. On her hips a pair of matched swords sway easily as she walks.


Forced to grow up on the road, fighting in the resistance has changed Rowan. No longer the spoiled child of rich parents, she has become a woman of renown and a very respected member of the resistance. Much more down to earth than she used to be, she can be seen smiling and laughing with people whom 3 years ago she wouldn’t have noticed.

Her long trek to find her family over, her parents have pulled strings within the resistance to have her stationed as a safehouse operative. She has been put in charge of the Mancario Estate, with instructions to assist any Resistance that come through.

Rowan "Devushka" De'Dyvarc

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