Seastnan "Hard Place" Alister (DECEASED)


Seastnan Alister is a Trollkin, born in the mountainous wilderness surrounding Mount Bogrio, into a nomadic kriel. During his formative years he was taught hunting and self-sufficiency and the ways of tribal life. Unlike the majority of Trollkin, he did not have an interest in moving from place to place and preferred the times when the kriel would settle near town settlements as he could go with the hunters to the cities to trade for goods and services that could only be got there.

After he reached the age of majority he decided to leave the kriel and make his own impression in the world. Upon arriving Leryn, Seastnan went to a tavern called The Rock and a Hard Place for food and lodging. As he sat in the corner eating the meager food he could afford, a fight broke out between two groups of men. AS he ignored the fighting participants, the brawl grew larger and larger until it consumed everyone in the bar. Seastnan kept himself out of the fray so as not to end up having to pay for items that he would break, when a largish human came up to him and stated shouting what he assumed were obscenities in the human tongue. The human began to get angrier and angrier, as Seastnan sat there ignoring him, when the human finally knocked Seastnan’s food and drink off the table; that set him off. He rose from his table and grabbed the human by the shirt and threw him across the room and entered the brawl. He waded through the combatants knocking them out left and right, making sure he pulled his punches so that his considerable strength didn’t do any permanent harm. With Seastnan in a standing victor over the room, he is knocked out from behind by someone he didn’t see, as he is quickly losing consciousness, a hooded man stands over him with a smile on his face.

When Seastnan awoke he was chained up in a dingy cell surrounded by other Trollkin and other humanoids. A little while later a man walked in front of the cell and announced that they are now property of Archduke Silistin and are going to be fighting in an arena to the death for the enjoyment of their betters. As the arena battles drew bloodier and less and less combatants where still alive the underground fighting arena was raided by the military. As the military moved in and began arresting the spectators, the surviving slaves where gathered up and sent to a place to be taken care of. After he recovered, he made his way out of the hospice and wandered aimlessly through the city.

After a few months of odd jobs and working part time at a few pubs, Seastnan began to be affected by wanderlust. Realizing that he enjoyed combat against others but had no interest returning to his kriel, he thought the next best thing would be to join a mercenary charter. He ended up joining a small charter called The Black Claw. His time with the charter was some of the most fun and informative since he learned to hunt and was during this time that he learned how to fight with other as a cohesive unit. With his strength and size he quickly learned how to use those to his advantage on the battlefield. By chance one fateful day the charter came upon a small force of armed people being attacked by a large group of bandits. As the charter marched into the battle a beleaguered figure rose up and called out for aid for any price. The leader accepted and the charter raced into the fray. The battle was long and costly, while the charter and the remaining guards won out it came at a large toll. The charter was all but decimated, with only a handful of charter members still breathing. After the wounded were tended to the leader of the Black Claw and the leader of the group that was attacked met. The group was a security detail for Baron Croswin, and the bandits were actually assassins sent by one of his rivals sent to end his life because the Baron was at odd with the majority of the nobles on a number of issues. The Baron secured the charter as protection for the remainder of the trip back into Leryn. As the group marched back towards the city, they saw the massed troops of Khador attacking. The group waited for night to fall before they made any attempt to reenter the city through hidden passages. As they marched through the city avoiding Khador troops, they were hailed and led into a building by one of the Barons allies on the council. It was revealed that the Prime minister had sold out Llael to Khador.

During the Occupation the resistance has used Seastnan as a plant in Llael by using him as a bounty hunter for criminals. The resistance passes him along information on some of his targets so as not to blow his cover but he always just happens to lose the trail. Consequently he is not very valued by the Khadoran government, though is also just seen as a savage with better than average intelligence by them and not as a resistance member. During this war he has traveled across Llael for the resistance, going where ever he is needed.

Seastnan "Hard Place" Alister (DECEASED)

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