Tianna Lys

A young woman of Ryn decent, owns a bakery in North Elsinburg.


A woman in her mid 20’s with two beautiful daughters. She is often seen in her bakery running the small business and raising her daughters.

Disappeared from Elsinberg.


Tiana is a young single mother of two beautiful girls, Anna and Emma. Her husband died defending the walls when the Khadorans attacked 3 years ago, and she has been struggling to make ends meet since them. She owns a bakery in northern Elsinburg and was getting by, keeping her daughters fed and even eating a meal or two a day herself, but raising two girls and running a business isn’t easy. When she met Jacob Instymari, it was as if her prayers had been answered. He loved the girls, and even helped around the bakery.

She quickly realized that he wasn’t telling her the whole truth though… one night she followed him, and what she found astounded her and gave her a new respect for her young paramour. He was a lieutenant in the resistance… when she confronted him about it, he promised he would never lie to her again. Things were looking up, until Kapitan Gregori started his protection racket.

Tianna Lys

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