Kommander Bladko Aleshko, Count


140,000 humans (mostly Ryn, Umbrean, and
Khard); 3,000 gobbers; 500 Rhulfolk; 200 ogrun

Military Presence:

Kommander Aleshko’s 88th Standing Legion is stationed in Elsinburg.


One of the first cities hit during the Khadoran Invasion, the people of Elsinburg were caught completely off guard. They were used to hearing of border disputes and skirmishes, but that was miles away. The mayor had given lip service to a wall to encompass the growing outer city, but work just never seemed to build up steam. This lead to an almost immediate defeat as the Khadorans walked right through hastily built barricades. Once behind the walls of the inner city, they watched in horror as the Khadorans destroyed building after building, razing some to the ground in an effort to demoralize those who made it to safety. The tactic had the opposite effect, seeing the wanton destruction of their town and hearing the cries of the dying who didn’t make it beyond the walls, strengthened their resolve. Unfortunately, though they put a up a great fight, the city was not prepared for a prolonged siege. After three weeks of fighting daily battles, and staving off starvation, the city surrendered.

The people here are not taking the occupation well, they see the destruction of the outer city daily, and are reminded of those they lost. Even the Umbreans, known elsewhere for their complacency with the new empire, are known to disparage their Khadoran rulers.

The city today is about a quarter of the size it was pre-invasion. Only the parts of the city within the city walls have been restored. It is still a thriving trade town, set between Merywyn to the south and Laedry to the north, Elsingburg is an important stopping point for trade both along the road and via the new Khadoran Rail line.

Important areas

The Dregs


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