Viva Llael Resistance!

Homeward Bound
Session 11

After a few days of preparations the Ambassador is ready to leave Corvis. Travel up the Black River is significantly less enjoyable, as the trip down due to distant gunfire, fire, and heavy smoke coming out of the Thornwood.

Other than the dreary environment though, the trip is without incident. Upon reaching Merywyn the group has a night of rest before the trip north to the Mancario Estate.

After a few days of R&R Devushka has another assignment for you. Picking off a Khadoran envoy in Khadoran Occupied Llael.

New PCs
Who are these new people?

Ma’ir Koang and Rupert Dagmar, you two are familiar with each other. You have been paired together on assignment before, though it hasn’t happened enough for you to consider each other partners.

The two of you were just off of separate missions, looking forward to some R&R at the Mancario Estate when Devushka called upon you for another mission.

Major Travis Peabody had sent his last escort into the Thornwood in search of his kidnapped family, and they have not returned. He has sent his own men to look for them, but has requested new escorts in the event they do not return.

Your mission is to retrieve Peabody, and escort him to the Manse.

Preparations for departure
Redlining after Session 10

Preparations begin for travel directly after the funeral feasts. Peabody, knowing that he is long overdue in Llael, makes it known that he wishes to leave as soon as possible. During the rush of the next few days, each of the PC’s is gifted with 500gc’s and all repairs are made to the Warjacks. Not much is seen of Peabody other than to receive the gold. He is constantly out of the house, presumably making arrangements for travel, and his absence from Corvis.

((You will have 3 days to do things between the funeral and the departure date, you are given the 500gcs on the morning of the first day.))

Corvis or Bust
Session 10

As the embattered members of the team head back towards Corvis, they encountered a couple of unlikely travelers. Beset on all sides by Cryxian undead, the two surely would have perished had the Llaelese companions not stumbled onto them when they did.

After dispatching with the undead, it was learned that the travelers were infact in search of the group. Sent by Major Peabody to locate the group, and inquire as to the extended length of time it was taking them to secure his wife and son. After agreeing to travel together the, now larger group, headed back to Corvis.

Ambassador Peabody did not take the news lightly, of his families death, or of the Cryxians traveling, seemingly at will, about the Thornwood. There was a large funeral, followed by a feast in their honor. Speeches were given, for both Peabody‚Äôs families, and the brave fallen of Llael. At this feast, Lay’fon presented the preserved skull of the fallen Satyxis leader. He graciously accepted the trophy, and promised a suitable prize for the gift.

Cryxian Battlegroup
Session 9

The group decided to attempt a late night jail break. All was going well, until one of the captives tripped on his way out of the wagon and alerted the Cryxians. It was a hard fought battle, the group managed to take down each and every member of the foul band, including the Satyxis leader.

The battle was not without it’s cost though, neither Travis Peabody or his mother survived the fight. Two of the brave Llaelese heroes also fell, in the brave rescue attempt.

Before succumbing to the poison brave Kahny injected her with, the Satyxis managed to cave in his skull with a headbutt that could’ve put down a ’jack. To make matters worse, she stole a bit of his life force as he lay there on the ground, condemning him to death, while prolonging her short life.

Another casualty of the fight, Seastnan will be remembered as a brave trollkin, who despite his massive injuries and weak body, still took on a brute thrall toe to toe. He gave as good as he got, but unfortunately his body, still healing from a previous fight, wasn’t up for the challenge. The brave Trollkin bled out on the battlefield as his companions fought off the evil Cryx.

A full battlegroup of the Cryxian army has been destroyed thanks to the actions of this small band of Llaelese fighters, though many questions are left unanswered.

A Hollow Fort
Session 8

Picking up wear we left off, the group was assaulted in the darkest hours before dawn, by their own ‘jacks. It was quickly ascertained that they had been possessed by Machine Wraiths and proper measures were taken where they could be. Sabina, forced the wraith from Johnny with the power of her bond, allowing Seastnan and Lay’fon, to take it out. Having no way to oust the wraith possessing Axe, Alexander put a few large caliber holes in him until he went down. Sabina’s reconstruction of the two ’jacks took less than a minute to replace their damaged armor, but Axe still needs some time in the garage to repair his crippled systems to full working order.

The next few days went by fairly uneventfully, though at night strange lights and noises could be seen and heard deep in the forest. Arriving at Fort Rhyder, the group found an empty shell of a keep. There were obvious signs of battle, though no bodies were found. With no evidence that the boy and his mother weren’t killed, they picked up a trail of wagons heading north into the forest.

Several days later, the group caught up to the marauders. A Cryxian unit of thralls, being lead by a Satyxis. Lay’fon snuck into camp later that night to ascertain the strength of the force, and to see if the Peabody family were still alive. He found young Travis Peabody, locked in an iron cage with his mother and several other barely alive people. The second wagon in the group was piled high with the bodies of multiple nations and races. After a very thorough search of the camp, Lay’fon was able to find the leader, strung up in a tree tent 30’ above the forest floor.

Heading back to the rest of the group and informing them of the situation lead to an hours long discussion about what to do next.

The Ambassador's Son
Session 7

The battle with the gatormen behind them, the riverboat continued down the Black River. The next scheduled stop, an unnamed village on the east bank. The village though, had already been visited recently, it was burned to the ground and still smoldering. Not only were there no survivors, but there were no bodies either. Leading the group to believe it was hit by a Cryxian group to gather parts for their necromantic army.

After the Kommander of the Khadoran team convinced the Captain to stop, both the PCs and the Khadorans took a look around. The PCs found a mostly intact laborjack that they brought back to the boat. Immediately upon their return, the riverboat continued it’s journey to Corvis.

Upon meeting Major Peabody, he informed them of the kidnapping of his son and wife. Asking the PCs to please retrieve them. A little bit of information gathering and the purchase of new equipment had the PCs heading into the Thornwood in search of the missing family members.

Along the road, they were attacked by a band of trollkin. The battle was intense and spooked some of the horses. Seastnan overturned a wagon onto himself, and is again bleeding internally. A litter was constructed, and the party moved on. We ended the session as the PCs were bedding down for the night just off the road.

Wrapping up Session 6

The aftermath of the attack is almost crippling. You are all reminded of the war as the screams of civilian casualties intermingle with the shouts of those trying to help. The Khadoran squad is doing their best to assist in any way they can though only the Korporal seems to have any medical training. The Captain is busy at the front of the ship overseeing damage to the hull, it seems the ship ran aground of a sandbar in the middle of the river. The ships mariner is hoisted overboard to begin clearing away the sand.

About and hour after the battle, shouts can be heard on the top deck. As you move to investigate you hear the unmistakable sound of flesh smacking flesh followed by the sound of a body hitting the deck. When you reach the site of the commotion you see the Korporal squatting over the limp body of a well dressed man. She is wearing a leather apron and a well stocked tool belt, beside her is a field medical kit. She seems to be working on something with a small screwdriver and wrench inside the mans face. Just as you are about to question her, she gives a satisfied grunt and pops a mechanikal eye out of the bruised face. She turns to Sabina, tosses and tosses the eye to her.

“He will live, ’tanks to us fighting. Is good of ’im to give what he can to make protectors whole.”

The gentleman is out cold, though he doesn’t seem to be in any immediate danger of his life. He has a bandaged arm and leg, and his good eye is developing a pretty nasty bruise though. The swelling is going to take some time to go down before he will be able to see out of it.

“If you have no one to install, I can do, jus’ let me know.”

She then picks up her med kit and proceeds to the next casualty.

Rolling down the River
Session 6

The group arrived at the Mancario Estate just 7 days after leaving Elsinburg. They met with Rowan, and she explained why she had to leave Elsinburg so quickly upon arival, and why she called them here.

The mission is to take a riverboat down to Corvis and escort Ambassador Peabody, back to the Mancario Estate. Their fare has been covered for them and their ’jacks, and they received new identities and traveling papers.

The two day travel to Merywyn was uneventful and they embarked on the trip with no hangups. Once aboard the Cygnaran Queen, they met a group of Khadorans who seemed strangely friendly, as well as many other folks. Kahny damn near cleared out the gambling hall, and the others were enjoying themselves. On the 4th night out, the ship was attacked.

A gatorman party assaulted the ship, through the brave efforts of the PCs, the group of Khadorans, and the crew the gatormen were chased back into the swamps, but not before killing many passengers and crew, and making off with bags of loot.

Seastnan was grievously wounded during the assault, and lost his remaining eye.

Leaving Elsingburg
Session 5

With the groups leads all going dry, they began talking about what to do next. A letter arrived addressed to “the Nanny” the very next day. It was coded message using a fairly common Resistance cipher, after decoding it simply stated The Mancario Estate, and was signed with Rowan De’Dyvarc and Sabina Tryvaasi’s passcode.

The group spent three days preparing for the trip and headed out. Using their Khadoran Military covers they decided to travel the main road for expediences sake.

Passing patrols daily, their alias’ proved worthy and they were not accosted by the Khadorans once. On the 6th day of travel though, the did run afoul of a Satyxis raiding party. Within a few moments the raider realized she was on the losing side of this battle and attempted to run. She was caught, trussed up, and then tortured to death as the group watched Axe relieve her of her feet, hands, teeth, tongue, horns, and finally her eyes.

The group arrived at the estate just 11 days after receiving the summons.


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