Viva Llael Resistance!

Preparations for departure

Redlining after Session 10

Preparations begin for travel directly after the funeral feasts. Peabody, knowing that he is long overdue in Llael, makes it known that he wishes to leave as soon as possible. During the rush of the next few days, each of the PC’s is gifted with 500gc’s and all repairs are made to the Warjacks. Not much is seen of Peabody other than to receive the gold. He is constantly out of the house, presumably making arrangements for travel, and his absence from Corvis.

((You will have 3 days to do things between the funeral and the departure date, you are given the 500gcs on the morning of the first day.))


Everyone should have their stuff purchased. I will dedicate 30 minutes for last minute purchases and diplomacy checks, but after last week I think we all really want to get this started.

Preparations for departure
Tanvalis Tanvalis

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