Viva Llael Resistance!

The Story Thus Far

First 2 Sessions

Session 1: Escape

The group awoke in an overturned rail car, fire and smoke burned their eyes as the gathered their scattered belongings and attempted to figure out where and why they were Unfortunately, there wasn’t much time for conversation as Khadoran soldiers attempted to silence their would be prisoners.

Knowing that they were all at least on the same team, the group quickly banded together and overtook their Khadoran guard. Knowing that there was fighting going on both up and down the tracks, the party decided to stick around and loot the fallen Khadoran soldiers, until another squad came upon them. Dispatching these with even more ease, the party headed north after one of the party saw that there are ’Jacks fighting in that direction.

The scene at the engineering cars was one of utter defeat, for the Khadorans, they were already pinned down inside two cars, while their berserker took on two light ‘jacks, outside of it’s marshal’s command range. The Resistance easily overcame the Khadorans once the PC’s joined in the fray.

The group agreed to take charge of the prisoners after speaking with Sargent Tyriosi and were informed that they should speak with Lord Violet as soon as they could get back to Elsinburg. The Sargent gave them a couple of wagons, about a quarter ton of coal, and horses to pull it all for their trip.

Kahny took a heavy round to the arm, and it broke… his arm, not the round.

Session 2: The Road

The party agreed to take the farm roads instead of the main road, even though it would mean adding at least 3 days to the trip. The plan was to try and minimize the amount of Khadoran patrols they would run into. It seemed to have worked, they met with Gloin Livesteal and camped with him for a night, and chased off a group of bandits.

They also managed to find a scrapped Berserker Warjack, a beat up Cygnaran Longarm, and a hidden cache of weapons and rations at the Old Mvorschka Manse.

On the last day of travel, they ran into a Squad of Khadoran Soldiers, with a Doomreaver attachment. The ambush took less than a minute, and they added 4 prisoners to their march.

Seastnan took an Assault Shield to the face, crushing the orbital socket and destroying the eye.



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