Sergeant Alexander Weather (Retired)

Cygnaran Scout-Sniper


Alexander Weather was born to a Cygnaran trading family, Composed of three brothers and their families who constantly travelled on their trading route all throughout his childhood. He spent his days shadowing the family wagons hunting, fishing, and gathering food/materials to be turned into goods for trading. The family would start their annual trading run starting from Point Bourne where they made their home on the Dragon’s Tongue River. They would travel north and east to Armandor then Fellig after Fellig they would then cut across the heart of Llael headed to Merywyn to restock their wares for the second half of their trading trip and to buy some essentials to take home. After Merywyn the family would hire barges to take them down the Black river/Dragon’s Tongue River to Corvis where they would once again continue on land following the Dragon’s Tongue River to Bainsmarket and finally return to Point Bourne to sell the rest of their trade goods. This would mark the first half of every year Alexander spent with his family. The second half of the year he would often wander the woods in search of game (fresh meat) to trade to the soldiers for lessons in weapons or whatever caught his fancy they would be willing to teach him.

By the time his 16th birthday rolled around Alexander had learned his very first career as a ranger and he decided to embark on his second career as a rifleman in the Cygnaran Reconnaissance Army (CRS). Joining the CRS was a bit of a letdown for Alexander’s family they had hoped he would grow out of his interest in the military to continue on with the family enterprises. The family business had given him a thirst for adventure and a desire to see the world. The damage that war had caused to Llael, he had witnessed, would also give him a desire to act in the world to make it a better place for not only his family but the families of the people they traded with. He would spend the next 8 years in the CRS being all he could be.

When Khador, invaded Llael Alexander’s Family was on their way to Merywyn when the army surrounded the city, unfortunately Alexander is not sure what became of them but he assumed that most likely they were all killed. This has become his driving force to continue the fight against Khador with the CRS and the Llaelese Resistance. He is motivated by pain and anger, he has withdrawn from his fellow soldiers and become serious, cold and calculating, before he was carefree and fun, this personality change is fundamentally why he fights not for revenge but for vengeance and to restore the peace that war has ruined. Recently, he was singlehandedly responsible for rescuing some Llaelese refugees, which resulted in his recent promotion to sergeant, this made him standout to his commanders and fellow soldiers showing them that on some level he does still care enough to do what is needed. Only time will tell how he chooses to continue the fight…

Sergeant Alexander Weather (Retired)

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