Volstovik Gorchev, (Jason Torn)

Huge, with very Kossite features, yet wears extremely typical Cygnaran style clothing and decorations.


Obviously well over 6 feet tall, Jason generally towers over others even when not mounted in armor the size of a light jack. His pale complexion with piercing grey blue eyes, and shoulder length blonde hair sets him very apart from other Cygnarans. It’s obviously a bit of a sore spot with him as he seems to overcompensate with an incredibly elaborate wardrobe of stereotypical Cygnaran clothing.

His armor looks very similar to that of man’o’war armor with the exception that it seems to be almost doubled in size, and the dual great axe/sword over his back look capable of felling a tree in a single blow. As his armor powers to life a tell tale flicker in the air around it speaks of a warcasters powerfield, and he chuckles to himself as if at a great


Volostovik was a young warcaster during Khadors expansion. He brought the fight to his enemies with great abandon, and happily served the motherland, until one day during an operation in the Thornwood his command was engaged by a Cryx contingent looting a battlefield. Despite the fact that Volostoviks forces were victorious the battle left him greatly troubled “why are we fighting the Cygnarans when the only one who profit are the dead?” He would ask his superiors time and time again. Each time the answer was the same “there will be time to deal with the Cryx when we have reclaimed that which is ours by right”. He heard this time and again, until he began to become more strident in his demands.

Soon enough he began to anger his superiors with his constant nagging and questioning of their priorities, and they began to take measures to silence him. As he was too valuable to actually remove from the service or to execute they began to send him on lone “reconnaissance” missions, and station him at distant and pointless forts. One way or the other he found ways to bring the battle to the cryx time and time again. eventually he realized that against the Cryx warjacks are almost a liability, as your most powerful weapons can be turned against you in the blink of an eye. It was about this time that he began the conversion into what he later learned was called an “Iron Head”. His obsession with creating the perfect device with which to crush the Cryx began to heat as he saw the signs where noone else would that the dead would soon destroy both his nation and their enemies in an orgy of destruction.

Volostovik began to realize that within his homelands military there would never be an opportunity for his beliefs to sway politics. There were simply too many, too far above him, and the entire ranking structure discouraged dissention. He began to look south. While the Cygnarans were weak, and poorly trained, they were very technologically advanced, and the tech that they possessed would allow him to advance his armor tremendously. They also were a much more easily led people than the stubborn and mule necked people of his homeland. He began to plan his defection.

In the end it was easy, he was sent on a recon in force mission of a Cygnaran unit, and rather than watch from far away, he clomped into the middle of the unit and announced in broken Sullese that he wished for asylum, and a bottle of bourbon. Since that point there has been a price on his head from his former homeland (though he never betrayed any military secrets) and he has adapted thoroughly to his new homeland. While he may speak slightly strange and with an exaggerated accent, its only because he has begun to identify with his newfound people. Despite their obvious weakness compared to the northerners, these plucky little Cygnarans managed to halt the greatest military machine in history… That takes something, and he wants it.

Since his adoption into Cygnaran culture, he has taken on the name Jason Torn, and has spoken to any and all who would listen of the cancer growing within the Thornwood. He has gained audiences with important people, and generally fobbed off as an eccentric foreigner who wants to be native. Regardless he has become fiercely loyal to his adopted nation and has taken a vow of knighthood to protect it against those who would see it burn.

Volstovik Gorchev, (Jason Torn)

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