Mancario Estate


Located about 40 miles north of Merywyn, this small vineyard on the Khadoran side of the black river, produced barely a thousand bottles of wine a year. The vintage was good enough though, to support a small hamlet on the property and still see a small profit. So far from any major cities and river crossings, this little estate was barely touched during the war, and is barely thought about now.

There is a small manor house on the estate, located on the east end of the property, over looking the river. A mechanik’s garage, barn, and stables, completes the area around the manor house. Also located on property is a small hamlet, mostly field workers, and house workers that choose to live separate from the main house. More than just a vineyard, the estate boasts large gardens where the workers also grow foodstuffs so they do not have to purchase them, while fishing and hunting provide the needed meat. On the surface, this small estate is the epitome of how Khador expects her new subjects to behave, living as a community and staying out of trouble.

The estate was taken over about two years ago by the resistance. Everyone here has been vetted by the brass back in Rhydden, and are at the minimum resistance sympathizers. Most have actually fought at one time or another for the Purple and Gold. This is a common stop for agents heading back to Rhydden from occupied territory. In the last two years several tunnels have been dug out to allow for discreet travel between the manor house, the hamlet, and across the river. Within these tunnels are is a small barracks, a medical station, and alchemical shop.

Mancario Estate

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